Thursday, February 15, 2018

Breastfeeding Journey

"Breastfeeding is not a choice, but a responsibility"

Anyhow, breastfeeding won't make you a bad mom if you don't practice breastfeeding your little one. Although, we cannot deny the goodness of breast milk over formula milk. As a mother as well , of course, we will do anything for the goodness of our child, if not the best. This is part of being a human. A part of what a mother can do for his child.

But if you opted not to...just respect! You nurture your own. :)

"Breastfeeding is 90% determination and 10% milk production"

I've heard unsuccessful stories of mother's who went through the initial stage of breastfeeding. Some surpasses this fortunately and some failed. We cannot blame those mom and will not question their decisions as to why they did not pursue. I fully understand because I've have also went thru that stage and I was one of those who stopped. My first child consistently cried so hard that I've also panicked and wonder if he got something from my breast. I was afraid that he might crying because he was terribly starving and my milk wasn't enough for him . My option was really to give him formula milk that time, to sustain his hunger ,not because I was too lazy na magpadede. It was because.. it was really hard to see my child crying and it's a battle between doing what is proper versus my emotions as a mom.

You may overhear others saying that "Just continue on breastfeeding your child... " , "Suck lng ng suck mommy", "Tyagaan lang yan... ", "Dadami yan..kahit ka lang ng masabaw" , but your feeling, frustrations and compassion about the situation wasn't met. It really would take a determined mom to be so patient on this journey.

I failed on my first. That's why I am trying... and keep on trying with my second child.

I am into breastfeeding for 9 months already and I still cannot sustain the demand of my child. So I mix fed my second child. My nanny regularly gave her 8-10 ounce of formula milk everyday, especially when I am at work. Unfortunately , I can only pump and take home 10 ounce of milk. And that 10 oz obviously would not sustain my baby during those 9 hours that I wasn't around. That's why aside from eating solid foods, my nanny gave her formula milk. After working hours, unli dede naman cya!

On BreastPumps

I only lasted 4 months breastfeeding my first child. After I returned to work, I gave up on pumping. Maybe it's because it was my first time and I had so little patience. After all, I regretted it! During those months, I have used Looney Tunes Manual Pump that I bought for only 750 pesos and I didn't have any problem with it. I should say for months, it suits me, and now with my second child, I am still using the same brand. Before buying it, I asked the advise of a Pediatrician what to buy, an electric pump or manual? She just advised whatever it suits me. So I still go for thaT manual Pump and used it for only 3 months. I've also bought a Medela Manual Pump from a friend. She wasn't able to used the Medela pump she bought to Lazada for 3500 pesos. She sell it to me for only 1500. So I got it! Mura e! :) I am using this Electric Pump at work and the Medela pump when at home and if I travel.

Just when I noticed that everytime I go to the Pumping area at work, I was the only one who used Manual and everyone uses electric pump. Those branded pump costs around 5k and some 7k. So it's too much for me, hehe. I still go for affordable. So I go online and scored Real Bubbee electric pump for only 1500 :)

Let me enumerate and say something about these products I have used :


This was the advise of Tala's Pedia for me to intake after my CS delivery. It helps I guess and the fact that it also boosted my immune system. I think it is more of a daily dosage of vitamins for me.

Milking Queens moringa Tea

I only bought a pack for only 240php. I consume a tea bag everytime Im in the office and you can re-use the product 3 times. Hanggat nagkukulay pa yung tubig sa mug.

Pump Princess

I tried to buy 2 bottles (120 capsules) of this product. Each bottle cost me around less a 1k but if you will buy this here in the Philippines, it will cost you 1500php each, for 60 capsules bottle. ( I actually asked a friend who went out of the country to buy me this, so sort of nakatipid na din). After consuming, I noticed increasing an ounce with my milk. But then again, it didn't lasted. I already consume the 120 capsules. Pero wala e ganun pa den.

Mother Nurture Coffee and Chocolate

I bought these 2 sets of Mother Nurture for only 140php each box. I prefer coffee over the choco flavor. Maybe its because Im a coffee lover rather than a choco drinker. Their coffee tastes like your regular 3in1 coffee and choco is more of a sweetened cocoa drink
Right now, I am currently into the basic. I boil malunggay leaves directly and consume a mug of it every morning and evening before going to sleep. Also, I am taking MegaMalunggay capsules. #medyoTipid

So the result ? I went back to 3 1/2 - 4 oz every pump, pumping every 4hours. Of course, I want more! I think its really depend on each of every Mom's hormones out there. There were who was really blessed on milk flows and I was one of those who is really trying. : ) I also observe that it is also depends on mental disposition, emotions of a mom. If stressed and not relax, will really affects the milk flow.

This is my journey. I've struggled on production because I really wanted to lactate more for my child. I am hoping that my boob will engorge and leak because of overflowing milk.

But then again, I will not give up. Only more patience... for I know that when she grows up, she will be more expose on 'instant' foods. So hangga't bata...gawing healthy! Tamang Kaen lang!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa Celebrates the 2nd Year of National Pampering Day

When it comes to pampering on a national scale, Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa holds the only spot. After introducing the celebration of the National Pampering Day last year, Nailaholics is back at it again this 2017 with an amplified nationwide celebration of relaxation that everyone is looking forward to this October 17.
The National Pampering Day got off to a good start last year where Nailaholics offered free manicure service and a stress relieving hand massage from 10 AM to 12 NN on all their branches nationwide. This year, everyone will be treated to a free service of their choice: a soothing manicure, calming foot spa or a relaxing foot massage.

“We Filipinos are very hardworking in any given aspect of our lives and a nation of energetic and industrious people best deserves real pampering once in a while. This year, as Nailaholics celebrates the 2nd National Pampering Day, we go deeper and dedicate this to everyone and remind them to take it slow, take it easy, zone out and relax for a while.” said Arvin Amaro, Marketing Head of Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa.

“With last year’s success of the National Pampering Day, we are back this year with a bigger and much more enjoyable day of pampering. In partnership with the number one salon brand and most beloved nail lacquer brand in the world, O.P.I., National Pampering Day 2017 will accommodate more guests with the extension of pampering time until 1PM. Also, the best thing about this year’s National Pampering Day is that it will be in support to World Vision, The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and Save Philippine Seas” added Amaro.

So save the date and get ready to park away any thoughts of work because the only responsibility you have is to loosen up. Wind down and head down to any Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa branch on October 17, 2017 (Tuesday) from 10 AM to 1 PM and get yourself a free relaxing manicure, foot spa or foot massage.

Let Nailaholics’ skilled nail technicians take care of you for a little while and walk out of this Hamptons-inspired nail salon feeling refreshed and ready to bring it on again. Grab this once a year treat only at the country’s top destination for relaxation and real pampering.

Visit to check their services and find the branch nearest you. Get updates through their Facebook Page Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, Twitter @_nailaholics and Instagram @_nailaholics.

Nailaholics is an urban destination that offers its customers an escape from the daily grind through its exceptional interiors and exceptional pampering service. It currently has more than 50 branches nationwide, including in Gateway Mall, Eastwood Citywalk, Cash and Carry Makati, Harbor Point Mall Subic, SM Cebu, SM Bacolod, and SM Lanang.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


"Antioxidants are man-made or natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Antioxidants are found in many foods, including fruits and vegetables. They are also available as dietary supplements." It supports our immune system and has benefits to our skin. Undeniably, it is good for our body and content of this antioxidant can be found in Coffee.

I am a coffeeholic, and I can't go out in a day without it. A cup of hot coffee sets my mood. Some people, enjoyed a cold coffee or a frappe. Pero ako, I prefer hot. There was a time that I craved too much of it. I experienced palpitation due to 4 cups a day of a brewed coffee. ( not to mention the size of the mug that I had before). So I researched and googled about it.

It shows that a content of coffee in a mug contains a powerful antioxidant and since I am not a tea-lover, it's good to know that I am having a good cravings.

"While both coffee and tea are high in antioxidants that help neutralize harmful free radicals in our bodies, there are more antioxidants in a cup of coffee than in a cup of tea. Instant coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which is known to be the main antioxidant in coffee."

So, I surmised, it's a good craving. But too much coffee harm our body. Anyways, in general, too much of something would harm you. So to condition my mind, it's a guilt-free for me to have an intake of this everyday since it is an antioxidant itself. Even when I was pregnant and now on breastfeeding, a cup of coffee fills up my day! (however, you still need to ask your OB if you are allowed to have an intake of coffee it you need to do a caffeine-count)

If you are into skin care, weight loss ,and wants to rejuvenate skin while drinking coffee, there were products nowadays that combines coffee with collagen.

So what is COLLAGEN, what makes it popular on beauty products? Collagen is an amino acids and the most abundant protein in the body and necessary to reduce the typical signs of aging.

Here's the TOP 7 Collagen Benefits :

Improves Health of Skin and Hair.

Reduces Joint Pains and Degeneration.

Helps Heal Leaky Gut.

Boosts Metabolism, Muscle Mass and Energy Output.

Strengthens Nails, Hair and Teeth.

Improves Liver Health.

Protects Cardiovascular Health

Collagen content product is very prevalent nowadays due to skincare. One of these products is MEJIE SLIMMING COFFEE with COLLAGEN by YUMEI MISE MANUFACTURING AND MDSE., INC.

MEJIE Coffee Plus Collagen is a Slimming coffee as well , it helps control high blood pressure( heart diseases) , controls diabetic condition, detoxifies blood and liver, it is Organic and has a natural sweetener. It tastes like a real brewed coffee, however, its not as creamy as those creamy commercialized coffee product you know. For those coffee lovers out there, you know what I mean here. The distinct bitter taste exists in this product. You may try to include this on your diet, also, will give you better glow.

It's in a box with 10 sachet. You can buy this in LAZADA for only 250php.

Still, you can achieve a young looking skin in a natural way. By drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, will helps on rejuvenation and moisturize your skin. It still your lifestyle that dictates the appearance of your skin. Say no to vices, live a healthier life, keep a positive outlook and wear a smile everyday, is the cheapest way to achieve a young and good looking skin. :)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Expectations,Thoughts and Learnings

"We are all living in expectations.

What if , our expectations hadn't met ? "

Should we let ourselves consume in to sadness?

Yeah, we get disappointed but how do you deal with it .

It took me years to comprehend this question.

It took me years to practiced and embraced the state of mind i have learned .

To not anticipate on some things that you cannot manipulate and learn how to go with the flow.

There's no need for me to travel or go anywhere just to create my own journey. This life that I am dealing everyday is a journey itself.

I have to know how to deal with it everyday so I will be able to gauge if it makes me sad or happy afterwards.

If I stumbled along the way , due to some expectations that are inevitable and get attached intensely to something or someone, I assess. My mind was train to help me know if I am into it. No in-denial. No defenses. No shield to protect myself. I poke myself right away.I should learned from it so it wont happen again. And yes, if it happens again... its already "my choice"! Neither I blame anybody for it nor question why it happened. (I bet, maybe, it suffices me)


I learned that a problem is really not a "problem" but only a "situation". I learned how to surpass that situation and again, deal with uncertainties.

When I am happy, I deal with it na tipong "sakto lang" , I do not overpower the happiness I am currently feeling for I know that I will anticipate more. So I move and just go with the flow. I deal with it only in my mind.

Anyway, it will manifest if I am happy! : )


Expectations. Its part of our journey , however, don't let expectation collaborate with your emotions. Anyhow, sometimes the other part of a plan is the most fulfilling part of our life. Proven and tested. Just go and deal with it , you may never know what's ahead on the other side .

I've learned it for years ..a decade i guess, and I still stumble, but I am okay for every ordeal. I cried so may times and deal with those turbulence in my life , and I learned to just go on and move.

Just dance with life!

Even though the music wasn't my genre.

Even though I don't like the rhythm

Even if Im not good in dancing...

Just dance and go with the rhythm.

Anyway, I am not skeptic that there is this Supreme Being who help me in this journey.

He never fails me.

Just help yourself and affirm that it will happen.

Entertain possibilities! Don't be cynical. Just be curious.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


3rd Asia Digital Marketing Expo presents TRAVELOOZA- Theme Parks, Zoos, Hospitality, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Resorts, Hotels

We are inviting everyone to join us in the 1st and only event for the whole Tourism Industry with various activities that’s just focus on promoting the Philippines as the premier travel destination. This is the first time that different companies (B2B) will present on stage about their packages, incentives, awards and raffle to 1000 travel agencies and tour operators as audience.

There will be expert speakers also who will talk about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce and Facebook Marketing. Learn from them this time.

We would like to acknowledge the help of the travel operators and travel agencies sectors in promoting the Philippines as the premier destinations in the world by giving certificates, awards and lots of raffle prizes. We will have lots of presentations also and music from our favorite entertainers while doing business networking and gaining connections during the event. We are expecting 1000 attendees during the event and 100 exhibitors.

Date: September 28, 2017

Venue: Makati Sports Club, Bel Air, Makati

Time: 9AM-5PM

To register, please deposit Php 500 per pax to BPI Checking 1680 0010 29. (includes lunch, flowing coffee and certificates).

For Sponsorship or exhibition booth/table-, 09166299381 or 02 9170213

Monday, August 14, 2017

Find Your HappyNest and the Modern Day Heroes Promo

Zoomanity Group launched its newest slogan- Find Your HappyNest and coincide to this is a promo (Buy1 Take 1) from August 15, 2017 to August 30, 2017 to celebrate the National Heroes Day in the Philippines that will happen on Monday, August 28, 2017. These heroes are the men and women in Philippine history whose acts of courage enabled the Philippines to grow as a nation. Whilst National Heroes Day celebrates both known and unknown heroes, a National Heroes Committee was set up in 1995 to recommend those who should be counted as ‘National Heroes’. Following certain criteria, they found a select group of people who, they believed, should be honoured for their deeds. These were: Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Apolinario Mabini, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Sultan Dipatuan Kudarat, Juan Luna, Melchora Aquino and Gabriela Silang.

Zoomanity Group is composed of different theme parks and Restaurants in the Philippines like Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Zoocolate Thrills, Paradizoo, Residence Inn, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Jinsei, Nanten, Midori and Yakitori Daitokyo.

Zoomanity group is the leading company in theme park industry under the Yupangco Group of Companies. Envisioning world class, innovative and enjoyable facilities from Northern to Southern Philippines by providing the best tourist destination and nature educational experiences with the facilities that is uniquely design to provide enjoyment to visitors of all ages.

For more information: and / 02 9170213 (Tag Media Office), 09166299381.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Picturesque Plaza of Balanga

After an overnight stay in the remote and pristine beauty of Playa La Caleta, and a half day 'homestay' on boatman's house, my pregnancy-pause vacation was over! However, to maximize our day before going home, we had a quick visit to Plaza Of Balanga since bus terminals are only one tricycle-ride from it. We had our lunch there before going home and had a quick tour to mall and their church.

Plaza of Balanga is a tourist spot itself. It offers architectural beauty of their municipal office by maintaining its structural designs. Picturesque at any direction!

CLeanliness is also their top priorities. Even in Bagac, waste segregation is being practiced. Garbage cans are everywhere.

They were already practicing this ethics even before the Bill-of-not-smoking-in-public has been submitted
Mother & son

If you want to know more about tourist places in Balanga, you may want to go directly to their Tourism Office to inquire. The office is located just right there in Balanga Office building.

Tourism Office of Balanga
For hotel bookings in Bataan and other towns for staycation and vacations? Better check some at
Just got to this link as they offer affordable hotels discounts!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Treat your kiddos!

Bathing a child can be difficult sometime. We have to come up for something that will caught their attention and will motivate them to go to the bathroom and soak himself!

These products for kids accompanied me on this process. With its scent and packaging , it captures my toddler's eyes and really initiated to go to the bathroom to bathe himself and play with the bubbles.

After bathing , I also applied Kids Plus Lotion that adds smoothness on his skin.

Tupperware kiddie products was made to match your child sensitive skin. Orange bottle in fruity flavor is for your active toddlers while white bottles are for newborn and infants. Since I am not fond of fruity flavored scent, I prefer using those white bottles especially the cologne. This reminds me of Zwitsal products for babies. It brings mild scent that I have enjoyed and I am using it too.
Baby Care Plus+ Blue Baby Lotion and Kids Plus are available in 3 sizes: 100 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml. These are all Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

For any orders or inquiries , you may reach them out thru this LINK. and they would help you get in touch with the nearest dealer near you.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

HAPPY 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY TRAVELBOOK!, the leading local hotel booking website in the Philippines, is turning four!

And in celebration of four exciting years in the business, encourages you to explore and see the beauty of the Philippines in the coming months with ongoing exciting promos: Win a free trip to Japan for two in the Konnichi-wow: Free Trip to Japan and avail of highly affordable deals on hotels and resorts with Super Summer Sale.

In addition to the anniversary, is also celebrating a lot of huge milestones. In just four years, grew exponentially in the e-commerce industry. Its number of bookings increased up to 200% ever since they started offering affordable hotel reservations in March 2013. Today, over 3,200 local hotels and resorts are listed on their website, providing more opportunities for Filipino wanderers to travel around the country and support local tourism. dares to brave that extra mile and achieve even more by further establishing their brand as the only online travel agency (OTA) that promotes local tourism and highlighting the unique perks and services they offer to Filipino travelers, including attractive discounts, convenient payment options, exclusive reward points, and the mobile application. will also be releasing TravelBook magazine, the company’s official free publication that aims to inspire Filipinos to visit local destinations, meet new people, and immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture.

All these and more will officially be announced to the media on’s upcoming Summer Anniversary Blowout press launch on Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

The Philippines is undeniably full of wonders that are meant to be appreciated as well as explored. As they celebrate their fourth anniversary, encourages you to go out there and explore the amazing places in the Philippines and gain memorable travel experiences like no other.

For more details, please contact:

Mary Angeli Pasquin

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63 (2) 662-1113 is one of biggest online travel e-commerce company (online travel agent or OTA) in the Philippines dedicated to offering great value hotel bookings and with a varied selection of Philippine hotels and resorts in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Zambales, and more. A total of 3,000 of affordable hotels are currently listed in offers the best price guarantee with attractive discounts for hotels and resorts, and various types of payment options without a credit card:

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pregnancy-Pause-Breathe at PLAYA La CALETA

Currently in my 7months and approaching 8months of pregnancy, I have thought to have a pregnancy-pause to prepare myself again emotionally and mentally (financially is a cliche!) for the labor process and child rearing activity after giving birth.

Anxieties and fears. So many to mention, that dealing with nature is my only solution to regain back motivation and fierce. Gusto ko ng enerhiya mula sa kalikasan, gusto ko ng dagat. Ng puno. At ng Glamping! So budget ...budget..budget!

First choice was Crystal Beach Zambales because its only a few hours away from Cavite and it offers nice beach and environment for kids. However, upon googling and reading blog articles, I have discovered there's more to Bataan to explore, and thinking that this beach got its potential, we have to visit this right away before summertime and before this resort become popular for backpackers and travelers.

..and yes we did! Of course I really wanted to thank Ms. Jane (staff) of Playa La Caleta and John Ceazar Diaz (boatman) for helping us making this thing happened.

Playa La Caleta is a private resort and secluded cove owned by a businessman and was opened for public with fees of course. It is resided under the municipality of Morong Bataan but boats to PLC can be found in Bagac, Bataan. You may compare this with Coves in Zambales, but Playa has it's own unique irresistable beauty. Compared to other coves out there, you may leisurely walk on the shoreline from end to end, the distance is not that far from each other so it's very intimate. Just avoid booking on weekends as it makes the cove crowded and according to staff they can only accommodate up to 300 heads.
Another thing , your overnight stay on the cove would not be enough. There were so many activities that can be done in the island and good thing , the management preserves the beauty of the mountains and marine biodiversity. Every cottage/gazebo have its own trashcans for cleanliness. The only "kalat" that you will see are falling leaves. You may want to check more details on their Facebook page.

So what made our stay here superbly special, that we really wanted to go back?

1. We're alone on this island - We actually planned a 2D/1N stay on the island and originally on weekends, Sat- Sun. However, I 've changed my mind a week before our booking date. Since our purpose is to rest and deal with nature, I 've changed the date and made it Sunday to Monday night. Fortunately , Ms.Jane was very accommodating. She sets everything including the boat. And Yes, it was really fun because WE OWN the island! Few visitors arrived on Monday but on a day tour. So we really enjoyed our stay. Ang tahimik! Perfect!
2. StaffS and boatman are super mabaet and very accommodating - Hindi masungit and they never fail to remind us to tell them what we needed.

Eto lang.. this island owned lots of dogs. Good thing they're all harmless and they serve as "bantay" on the island with the staffs.

3. No threat for security although I wasn't able to catch a good sleep because I really doubt it. But hey! We're safe and had a great time - We arrived sunday night. So we just asked staff to cook meal for us. You will just pay 150 pesos for each set of meal. After our night swimming, we already had our dinner and rest. The only people on the island that night was us and 3 staffs. Yes, creepy!!! :)

No mosquitoes but lots of insects! Fortunately each gazebo have mosquito nets! aT ang lamig! :)

4. My son like it - Although Slip N SLide, was not available during those days and still working in progress, you will not ran out of activities to do. Kids can rent toys and they did kayaking. He also spotted some fishes swam around the area and small jellyfish. Good thing is, the water is shallow so kids can really enjoy wading and paddling.
5. We did an overnight stay in PLC and another night at the boatman's humble abode. Our story HERE. : )

Expenses. How much we shell out ? All in all, for 3 adult and a kid, we didn't spent much. Actually we only spent less than 7K for that overnight stay in PLC and a 'homestay' to the boatman's house plus additional tour in Plaza of Balanga. In PLC, we rented a gazebo that is good for 4, so it cost us 1500 per night and a we rented a banca exclusively for us for 1800php. Plus entrance, that is 200php per head.

The rest of activities are here:

Just choose activities that you wanted to enjoy more your stay in the island. Actually there is also aN underwater cave spot located before the island that you can visit. Too late we knew it thru the boatman's mom. We also didn't explore Miguelito Island because there were no water on the basin and we are not into cliff jumping.
So we just maximized our stay on the island by walking from end to end. Kayaking and unlimited swimming is enough! Ganung mga bagay e sapat na! On its truest sense,this is tranquility and I, indeed, gained back my energy!
I know... Bataan will be talk of the town for backpackers this coming summer 2017 and there is more to Bataan that can be explore. Maganda pala ang Bataan! This is highly recommended for a weekend get away, because its only few hours away from Manila. So let me share some of my pics there. .. definitely will go back! MAnganganak muna ako!! :)
Julian enjoying the boatride to PLC
Our homey gazebo for a night
GOOD MORNING!This is what I really like! Morning breeze!! At tulog pa sila!!
Since its marine biodiversity is protected, there is a possibility of seeing turtles swimming around the area.
This is where the river water meets the sea
#Feels! The sun is up, the sky is blue!!! Perfect!!
Filling in the hole with more sand so the crab won't come out! LOL *tripLangNila*
Yung sobrang init,chill muna sa hammock!
Mini grocery @ Playa LA Caleta
G L A M P I N G is IN in BATAAN!
The other side of the island. River streams. There is a waterfalls hiding on that area and it will take you 2 hours to get there.
Waterguns for kids , available at the PLC office for rent
Julian can't play under the sun! Natakot sa sunburn. So nagmukmok... natulog na lang sa duyan!:)
Of course, got a chance to have my DIY pregnancy/maternal photos. I really looove it!

If you plan to have your vacation on the island , do not hesitate to drop a message on their Facebook page and inquire, or text these numbers and look for Ms Jane: 09088887668 / 09167660111 and John DIaz ( boatman) at 09501690511.

You may also afford to avail Hotels on Bataan. Good news that they're on SALE now. Take a look!

I guarantee you a day well-spent at PLC with your loved ones.